An Evo-Step (‘Elementary-Step’ or, simply ‘step’) is a ‘package of change’, containing a set of Design-Ideas, that on delivery to a System, is intended to help move the System towards meeting the yet-unfulfilled System Requirements.

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *141
English Master: Evo-Step
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Step *141 Evolutionary Step *141
Build, Increment, Installment, Release: Near synonyms depending on whether there is use of feedback and dynamic change [ROYCE98]


Evo-Steps are assumed to be small increments, typically a week in duration or 2% of total Budget. There are two purposes for Evo-Steps: to move us towards the long-range Requirements, and to learn early from Stakeholder experience (with a view to Changing plans and designs early).


Evo-Step 1.
Figure *141: Evo-Step packaging. Delivery-specified Evo-Steps: same underlying step specification, but two different times and places.


Specification Object, Parameter.

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