Solutions are the Means to the ends , or , Solution defined for project management: Solutions are anything, which moves us along Stakeholder-Value & Product-Value Scales, from where we are, the Status-Level, towards where we want to get, the Goal-Level, within defined conditions and Budgeted Development-Resources.

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to-do tasks
Design *047
Strategy *047
Proposed Solution *047
Means *047


Solutions relate to the Level preceding it.

Stakeholder-Value and Product-Value Requirements define what we want to achieve using a Scale and a Goa-Llevel, while Solutions are intended to move us along that Scale from where we are towards the Goal-Levels.
To have a Solution, we must first understand the Requirement it is intended fulfill. Solutions only exist in the light of the Requirements it is meant to achieve. Solutions can only be as great as our understanding of the Stakeholder-Value and Product-Value Requirements are.
Discussions about for how good Solutions are, or which Solution is better, without having a clear Idea of what kind of challenge it might solve, are fruitless. I avoid discussing which Solution we should use without having Stakeholder-Value and Product-Value Requirements specified first.

Your Solutions my Project

Your Solutions might become someone else’s projects, and your project might be someone else’s Solution.
The chain of someone’s Solutions becoming someone else’s projects might have many layers. The number of layers depends on, among other things; the size and complexity of a project, as well on how you choose to organize your organizational structure.

At every distinct Level, we can describe the end states with its; ‘what it does’ (Functions), and its ‘how well it does it’ (using a Scale).

In smaller projects, we might operate with two levels, Product Level & Solutions Level. At the Product Level we express the end states with Product-Functions and Product Values. At the Solutions Level, we might just specify Solutions, like; use titanium, use a Standard GUI layout etc.

In more Complex projects, we might have 3 levels, a Stakeholder-Level, a Product-Level, and a Solutions Level. Each Level is viewed as Solutions for the Level Before it. The Products-Level are Solutions for the Stakeholder-Level, the Solutions Level are Solutions for the Product-Level.
We can expand in both directions as needed. We can have several Stakeholders, some Before others, we can have several products, and the products can be broken down several levels. Each Level down are Solutions for the Level above.





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