Evolutionary Project Management

Evo makes project failure structurally impossible!

It is a challenge to successfully manage projects, as is so painfully evident reading the literature from our industry. Yet some companies have found a way to manage their projects that not only systematically avoids failures, but that again and again leads to great improvements for the customers and enthusiasm among the management and engineering team.

Evo is the only known method that has a practical track record of consistent success and no failures.

Proven Track Record

Over the past 30 years the Evolutionary Project Management Method Evo has proved to be the most successful software project planning and management method. See Larman, IEEE Computer, June 2003.

It was used in the IBM "Cleanroom" method? and is a de facto US DoD and IEEE standard (Mil Std 498 and ISO/IEC 12207).

Evo can be your choice in CMMI, and your choice as an Agile method. It can be added to most existing development process frameworks.

The Evo-method is so effective that it has been used by our clients to restructure existing delayed major size projects, and to get them successfully delivered earlier than otherwise possible.

Evo is spreading quickly among successful companies

The traditional Waterfall method is obsolete. HP is spreading 'Evo' successfully corporate wide, practiced as 1 week cycles. Microsoft applies a delivery cycle of 6 weeks for milestones. Confirmit in Norway (210 employees) builds Web Survey products in weekly cycles. NATO held an Evo Conference in 2002 with practical results of military projects. Citigroup has piloted this approach successfully, and decided to spread it.

Evo project management methods seem to work well in practice on all sizes of projects, and all attempted domains (like software, organizational change, aircraft design, telecomms base station design).

How Evo achieves amazing results.

Evo is about learning early! Learning what technology works for us and for our stakeholders, learning what does not work, learning the real requirements, what the stakeholders actually wanted, learning how we must tweak the design to give optimal benefits, learning how much things actually cost. Learn early, and change accordingly.

Evo divides projects into meaningful evolutionary cycles. This decomposition into early frequent and short result-delivery cycles at first seems impossible to do. But we teach a systematic set of principles for always finding a fruitful decomposition.

Evolutionary differs from incremental. Evo is constantly learning and changing. Evo is ?intelligently based on realistic experience, on a weekly basis, during development.

Evo is focused on delivering agreed requirements. For optimal effect the requirements are expressed as quantified Stakeholder Values and Product Qualities. Through Evo-tuned Impact Estimation Tables, we constantly and dynamically prioritize delivery of the highest value for the smallest development costs.

Evo satisfies Stakeholder Values, by delivering matching Product Qualities. You will learn a wide variety of principles and Planguage devices for prioritization of ?the most efficient series of Evo steps.

Evo does not allow people to sit in ivory towers with great ideas and spending lots of resources developing a plan. Evo is about getting real!

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