Value is perceived benefit: that is, the benefit we think we get from something.

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Worth *269
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Value (Stakeholder-Value)

Oscar Wilde. Irish Poet, wit and dramatist (1854 – 1900)



System Concept, Priority Data




1. Value is the potential consequence of System Attributes, for one or more Stakeholders.

2. Value is not linearly related to a System improvement: for example, a small change in an Attribute Level could Add immense perceived value for one group of Stakeholders for relatively low Cost.

3. Value is the perceived usefulness, worth, utility, or importance of a defined System Component or System state, for defined Stakeholders, under specified Conditions.

“One man”s meat is another man”s poison.” Old proverb

4. “Benefit” is when some perceived value is actually produced by, a defined System.

5. Value is relative to a Stakeholder: it is not absolute.

6. Product-Value, for example, is stated in terms of the objective Level of “how well” a System performs, irrespective of how this Level is appreciated by any Stakeholders. Some defined Levels of Product-Value only have a value to some Stakeholders. The same is true for all Attributes.

7. There are many Planguage ways of indicating that a Stakeholder values an Attribute. These include using Stakeholder, Authority, Impacts, and Source Parameters.

8. Value perception can related to any time, Past, present or future.

“Nowadays, people know the Cost of everything

and the value of nothing.”
Oscar Wilde.


+> “adds value to”

Explanation: A +> B Means A (some Action) adds value to B.

Scale: MTBF.
Goal: 30,000 hours

Value [Goal, At Release] +> Early Sales +> Market Share +> Annual Revenue.
A Value-Chain: The benefit of reaching the specified Goal is indicated as a series of added value Impacts (“+>“) to different performance indicators. We value the 30,000 hours MTBF (mean time between failure) for the ultimate benefit we expect to get from Annual Revenue/



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