The Safety-Impact is the % deviation from target Levels (targets = 0% Level).

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English Master: Safty-Impact
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Safety-Impact Percentage (%) safety differential Benchmark Safety-Margin (as opposed to a required Constraint Safety-Margin, a Generic-Constraint) estimated Safety-Margin Domain: CE.{design, project management}.Value-Decision.Impact analysis Safety-Factor.Safety-Impact




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Risk Management Measure


The Safety-Impact is +50%”, Means it is 50% better than the target Level (100%).
If the Safety-Factor is 2x for a Performance-Target, then the Safety-Impact of +50% is “good”,
but it falls -50% (short) of a possible required Level of “100% over the target” (= 200% Impact)
which would be “insufficient” over-design.

The “Safety-Impact is +50%, for a performance Goal”, Means 50% over the target Level.
It Means “50% more than required by the target itself” (which is at 0% Level),
but perhaps “less than the Requirement specified by a Safety-Factor”.
The “Safety-Impact is +50%” for a Cost-Budget Means that the estimated Cost is 50% better
-50% compared to Budget-Level 0%)than it should be to meet the Budget (which is 0% Level).
So it is half the target Level.


Note 1. The Safety-Impact is a Measure that is independent of the Safety-Factor required (if any).
It is an indirect Measure of how well that a required Safety-Factor is met in theory or in practice.
It can be compared to the Safety-Factor to see how well we are doing in achieving Safety-Factor Levels.

Note 2: if the deviation is more than target for performance measures,
and less than Budget for Cost-Budget-Targets then we have “a degree of safety”.
If we are worse than the target Levels then we have a “negative Safety-Margin”.





Safety-Factor/Margin *131
Safety-Deviation *405
Value-Decision *283
Impact %: the Impact in relation to the target (100%), which is 0% Safety-Impact.
Target Levels
Impact-Estimate *433
Impact (noun) *087: the effects of a design on Attributes
incremental Impact *220 The potential benefit or savings.
Incremental-Scale-Impact *307. The increment expressed as a differential on the defined Scale.
Impacts (Parameter) *334
Percentage-Uncertainty *383
Percentage-Impact *307
Absolute Impact *403
Incremental % Impact *462. The increment expressed as a % differential in relation to the Target
Level expressed as 0% differential, =100% of target).



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