A Record-Level is a Scalar Attribute Parameter that states an impressively good Level, or state-of-the-art Benchmark Level, on a defined Scale, under specified Conditions [time, place, event].

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *127
English Master: Record-Level
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Record


Record-Level is a special kind of Past Level, the best Past of any similar project or System we know of. It's the world Record on the Scale we are working with. The Record-Level is a Benchmark. Benchmarking the industry or our own company, as the best ever achieved.

In project management, to be able to compete, both in being the best, and in controlling the costs, we need to know the internal and external Records in our field. If you are a security expert, or a usability expert, or a strength expert, or a reliability expert, you should know the Records numerically.

Rationale: Record is usually specified to demonstrate that such a Level is technically possible under certain specified Conditions, and to challenge us to strive to avoid, approach, meet or beat that Level, as appropriate.
Levels approaching state-of-the-art are useful to specify, because they tend to be costly and high Risk.


Illustration: In the diagram we can see how our Internal Goal-Level Measure up against what we have achieved Before, Record-Level Marketing, and what somebody else has achieved Before, Record-Level SIMO3. We can also see the Time to Market they used, and compare it to our Goal-Level. With this information, we can better understand if our Goal-Levels are reasonable.


Scalar Parameter Benchmark

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