the Process we use to Measure where we are, along the line defined by the Scale quantifier.

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *093
English Master: Meter
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Test, Measurement Process, Accounting Process


A Meter Parameter is used to identify, or specify, the definition of a practical measuring device, Process, or test that has been selected for use in measuring a numeric value (Level) on a defined Scale.

The Meter we chose must fit to the Scale. It must be able to give information about where along the Scale quantifier the Stakeholder-Value or Product-Value is, just like a speedometer is able to tell us how fast our car is traveling.
The Scale gives us a variable, the Meter tells us where we are on that variable.

The Scale has no direct Cost, the Meter often has, as it usually is a physical thing that requires some Action or a Process carried out by humans.

To verify that we have a useful Meter, we can apply the Meter, if it tells us where along the Scale quantifier we are, the Meter might be useful.

Meters have variable:
1. accuracy
2. costs
3. time taken Before they give us the results
4. Credibility.


Just symbolic, this gadget has many Meters



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