A Baseline is a stable well-defined Benchmark set (one or more System Attributes) that serve as a comparison for System change.

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English Master: Baseline
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A System Baseline is any set of System Attribute specifications that formally define the state of a System, under specified Conditions.

An Attribute Baseline is a single Benchmark that has been chosen to compare any System change against (estimated or actual).




Parameter[Scalar, Relationship], Benchmark


Value-Decision, Evolutionary-Project-Management.



EU Base: Baseline [Europe, 2003]
{Performance Attributes [EU, 2003], Functions [EU, 2003]}.

This Baseline is specified without reference to costs.

Note: Within Value-Decision, for each Scalar Attribute a “Baseline-to-Target-Pair” is declared. The chosen Baseline is usually a Past Level and represents zero Percentage-Impact (0%). In an IE table, each Baseline-To-Target-Pair appears immediately under the tag of its Attribute on the left hand side on the table.

Type: Product-Value.
Scale: Time to Complete a defined [Task] for a defined [Person Type].

Baseline [Our Competitor”s Product]:
Past [Task = Learn to Drive Off, Person Type = Experienced Driver]: 1 minute.

Target [Our New Product]:
Goal [Task = Learn to Drive Off, Person Type = Experienced Driver]: 10 sec.

This example shows setting an Attribute Baseline and a target for a Product-Value, QX.

ABC: IE Table [Baseline Date =Nov 7, Target Date =Dec 7].

BABC: Baseline [ABC]: Past [……. “declare as a Baseline for ABC IE table”].

TABC: Target [ABC]: Goal [……”declare as a target for ABC IE table”].

Baseline-to-Target-Pair [[===ABC===]: 1 minute ~lt~-> 10 seconds. “deduced from baseline and target declarations above. Strictly not needed as repetition.”

This example shows an alternative way to set a Baseline and target. It introduces the Idea of declaring a Baseline Date and Target Date applying across an IE Table.

ABC: IE Table:
-> Design-Idea|ADI|BDI|CDI|DDI
QX|0%|100No value assigned|150%
1 minute~It~-> 10 seconds| | | |

Design “ADI” has zero Percentage-Impact, meaning that if Design “ADI” were implemented then there would be no visible change in the Product-Value Level (it would remain at one minute and there would be no forward progress from the Baseline (1 minute) towards the target (10 seconds)).
Design “CDI” would be even worse than the Baseline; that is the Product-Value Level would be worse than the Attribute Baseline.




{<<<} “set of Benchmarks”.

Note: A Baseline is a Benchmark, or set of Benchmarks. But if referring to a Scalar Attribute Baseline, then “0%” is more explicit.

However, for “[Baseline to Target]*200]” pair, the Keyed-Icon is “<->“.”

[System Baseline *145 + *351] {<<<} [System XYZ]: ….
Meaning “baseline for a defined System”. Using the Qualifier to define “which” System.

[Benchmark *007] <<< (related icon)






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