“Precedes” gives information about required sequential evaluation of Planguage statements, terms or expressions, in relation to one another.

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English Master: Precedes
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It is implied that the Result of the evaluation of any preceding statement or expression, must be applied to the following Planguage Component evaluations.






A Precedes B. or A: Precedes: B

Iconic “Use A (B)” Means B Precedes A in evaluation as a Planguage
statement, and the results of B should be applied to the understanding of A.

Means; Statement A must be evaluated Before B can be (is allowed to be) evaluated.


“Precedes” applies to any Planguage specification, and its evaluation sequence. Before/After are specifically limited to the execution sequence of Evo-Steps.

Note: the Parameters After and Before are explicitly designed to specify Evo-Step sequencing. “Prededes” is more general, it applies to any specification, but that includes Evo-Step-Specification.

Keyed-Icon [Precedes] : (....) parenthesis to indicate sequencing.
The “->“ (Impacts) could not validly be used. A->B Means if you do A then it
has an effect on B.
B(A) Means A must be evaluated Before B.
B ((A) C)) Means evaluate A, then C, then B.


Use parenthesis “(...)”as in mathematics. To indicate terms which depend on one another (inside a parenthesis) and to indicate sequence of evaluation, both left to right time sequence, and innermost parenthesis can be done independently.

So for example:

Spec23: Spec Y(A, F, K) Spec X:(B, G, P, Spec Z (R,W)).

This indicates that specification Spec23 is composed of 8 defined sub-specifications {A…W}. Spec Y must be completed Before Spec X, Spec Z can be done as a unit (R & W). Spec Y is composed of sub-specs A F and K which need to be completed Before the Spec Y is considered Complete.

In addition It can be used for sequencing steps:

Evo-Plan 2005: (Step A, Step B), (Step C, (Step X, Step Y)) (Step GG).

This Means that the Evo-Plan is that Step A and Step B must be done Before the next set of steps can be done, and that they can be done in parallel. Step X and Step Y can be done in parallel. They can be completed Before or After or in parallel with Step C. When all 3 (C Y Z) are done we can go on to Step GG. Separators such as comma or left arrow are permitted but superfluous.






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