A Planguage-Concept is a formally specified Idea used in Planguage.

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *188
English Master: Planguage-Concept
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Concept [Planguage] *188


Planguage is defined formally in Gilb: Competitive-Engineering [2005, Elsevier]. www.Gilb.com contains samples and many related papers.






Begrep [Norwegian Bokmål] = *188 “Concept [Planguage, US].”

Tilstand [Norwegian Bokmål] = *024 “Condition [Planguage, US].”

Marked [Norwegian Bokmål] = Market [HP Corporate Glossary].

Is [Norwegian Bokmål] = Ice Cream [Project XYZ Glossary].

In these examples Planguage-Concepts like *188 are given a foreign language name (“Begrep”) in Norwegian. Using the synonym, “Begrep,” a user can access the full definition in English.


1. There are several types of Concept found in Planguage specification. These include:

• formal Planguage-Concepts defined in this glossary or other Planguage glossaries and assigned a Concept number (*nnn). Some Concept names are written with a Capital letter first, to signal that they are formally Defined-Terms. Examples: Scale, Goal, and Defined As.

• User-Defined-Terms

2. A Planguage-Concept, once defined, can be referenced by any useful synonyms or identifiers. These include tags, Keyed-Icons, Drawn-Icons, abbreviations, declared synonyms, acronyms, and alternative language terms (for example, German or Japanese terms).

3. The central Idea of a Planguage-Concept is that the Concept itself is independent of the particular Means (pointer, reference, cross reference, tag, icon, Concept number) that we choose to apply in order to reference that Concept. We can focus on the Concept, and not the particular term, about which people might disagree, or have cultural difficulties in accepting.

4. Defined Concepts can be:
• reused without explaining them again
• redefined by Planguage users locally (which simultaneously changes (hopefully improves) the definition of all the other terms, which reference the defined Concept)
• referenced by a set of terms in any language, without necessarily having to rewrite the Concept definitions themselves in that language. For example, the Concepts could be defined in English, but a Norwegian set of pointers to the Concepts can be quickly defined, to permit teaching or multinational project learning and use of specifications.





User-Defined-Term *530
Planguage *030



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