‘Headline’ is a Parameter, which can be used to summarize the Headline Level of a performance or Budget target Requirement.

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English Master: Headline
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Headline-Level, Ambition, Gist


Headline must state the Requirement concerned (like ‘Usability’) and it must contain a notion of the kind of Level being sought (like ‘high’).



Parameter [Scalar].


Headline: The System will be extremely/competitively easy to learn, and to use, for a variety of users and user cultures.
Reference: Quality Attribute Usability Paper, Version 0.2.

Headline: The PEXX System shall be extremely easy to learn to Service and to Service for a variety of Service people.

Headline: The PEXX System shall contain and support any forms of access, which are prioritized by our Stakeholders.

Headline: Security levels for protection of the System in operation, and under a variety of threats (intrusion, corruption, and destruction) shall be sufficiently high to protect our customers and our vital interests. They shall also be at such a Level that they are a ‘killer argument’ for using our products in general.

Headline: The System extension, modification and porting to other environments will be relatively easy and inexpensive by design of the Architecture.
Examples of real disguised Headline levels drafts. These are not to be confused with the detailed specifications that follow them with Scale etc. They are not final specifications; they are the beginning of a specification Process; or a summary of the specified detail.

Example: This is an example of an Headline statement, together with a full real draft Requirement. It is not perfect, but it is real, with some XX to retain Confidentiality.
Headline: The System must be as simple as possible for any user to learn to use, and to use.
Owner: Jan V.
Version: 0.1
Type: Quality Requirement.
Stakeholders: {Operator, Supervisor, Instructor, Manual Writer, Production Planner, Salesperson, …}.
Scale: The number of distinct Work Operations a defined User must do, in order to accomplish a defined Task
Test: Test sets for defined Operations using defined Users, are observed electronically and measured and compared.
- Benchmarks - Analytical Background -
Past [FCXX II, User = Novice Operator, Task = Status Inquiry]: 23±5 <-Estimate by Jan.
Record: 0.
Trend: ?
- Targets - real Requirements -
Wish [<Qualify when, where, if<]: 0. “On the defined Scale, always”
Goal [FXXXX + PEXX System, User = Novice Operator, Task = Status Inquiry, Release 2.0, If TopaXX is installed at this site]: 10 Operations, [Task = Change Date]: 5.
Stretch: 4.
- Constraints -
Fail: 5.

- Other possible options -
Risk: The Operator is not trained properly.
Assumption: The User Manual is accessible and updated and will be used.
Basis: No known Basis for this is identified <-TG.
Design: <some info about expected designs but NOT a required one>.
Impacts: {<defined strategic requirements>, for example Machine Utilization }.
Impacted by: {<a set of Designs which Impact this Requirement>, for example ‘Look&Feel’, Multi-Lingual}.


1. The Headline summary is useful for getting team understanding and agreement to its Concept, Before going on to the detailed specification Work. It can then be used during development of the specification as a Basis for judging the relevance of the details. The Headline can also be updated to reflect the detailed specification better, if desired.

2. Once the specification is completed, Headline provides a useful overview summary of the more detailed specification.


@.∑ “Target and Summary.”






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