Engineering is
• an Evolutionary Process,
• using practical Principles,
• in order to determine and identify the Means
• to deliver the best achievable Performance and Cost-Levels balance,
• for optimal Stakeholder satisfaction,
• in a Complex risk-filled environment.

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"The Engineering Method is the use of heuristics to cause the best change in a poorly understood
situation within the available Resources" "Engineering is a risk-taking activity. To control these risks, engineers have many heuristics:
1. They make only small changes in what has worked in the Past,
2. They try to arrange matters so that, if they are wrong, they can retreat, and
3. They feed back Past results in order to improve future performance." "Engineers cannot simply Work their way down a list of steps,
... but ... they must circulate freely within the proposed plan ..."
Prof. Billy V. Koen, Univ. of Austin, Texas [KOEN84, KOEN03]


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1. Here is my rephrased Version of Koen”s definition of Engineering:
(It is a variation on my definition above). "Engineering is the use of principles in a Systematic way,
to find designs, that deliver the value Requirements, within Resource-Constraints, under Conditions of uncertainty".
Some Comments on this Definition: • “Principles” are Rules of thumb that guide the choices and actions of engineers.
Principles are not rigid laws. They reflect the experience learned from previous Engineering projects.
I see professional codes of conduct playing a part as well.
• “In a Systematic way” must include brainstorming, and testing random insights.
• “Deliver” implies a Process that continues beyond design stages to project delivery stages.
Success is determined by successfully meeting all the specified and agreed Requirements.
• “Conditions of uncertainty” exist because we must deal with combinations of designs, being applied into ever-changing environments.
The results are “Complex to predict” and the resulting Risk has to be handled.

2. I want to make it clear that whenever I use the term Engineering, I mean to imply the use of quantification and Measurement
as a basic tool, rather than more intuitive methods.





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