Credibility expresses the strength of belief in and hence validity of, information.

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *035
English Master: Credibility
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Experience


Within Impact-Estimation, Credibility is usually assessed for the evidence and sources supporting each specific Impact-Estimate. Credibility is expressed as a numeric value on a range of Experience-Ratings from 1.0 (for perfect Credibility) to 0.0 (for no Credibility at all). These Credibility values can be used to credibility-correct the Impact-Estimates: each Impact-Estimate is multiplied by its relevant Credibility.

The Experience Level gives information about one Type of Risk, the experience or lack thereof.


Illustration: VDT: Experience & Variation: It is estimated that this Solution will move the Requirement 33% from the Past Level towards the Goal Level. The ± Variation is estimated to be 17%. The Experience-Level is set at 0,7. Multiplying the Impact of 33% with the Experience-Level of 0,7, a conservative Impact of 23% is achieved.


Domain: Value-Decision.

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