The Process Control-Axis is the horizontal, left to right, direction of “Process flow” in a Planguage Process diagram.

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English Master: Control-Axis
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''Precedent Processes are diagrammed as flowing into the left quadrant (CE below). The next Process, After “this one”, is diagrammed as being pointed to by an arrow flowing out of the right quadrant (CX below).

Not coincidentally, the Control-Axis coincides with the Plan and Study components of the quadrangle. See also Input/Output-Axis.''


Process and data flow conventions in the Planguage Graphical Language.

These conventions can also be exploited in the Planguage Keyed-Icons like this:

^[[Architecture] > ^[[Engineering] > ^[[Component Design] > ^[[Prototyping] Showing the relationship between Processes (^[[Keyed Process Icon])

Below, we have added the notation for data in and out of the Architecture Process, the vertical axis.

. Requirements V ^[[Architecture] > ^[[Engineering] > ^[[Component Design] > ^[[Prototyping] V Arch. Specs



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