A Condition is a specified pre-requisite for making a Specification or a System Component valid.

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Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Conditional-Term Pre-Requisite-Condition






Parameter, Qualifier


Senior: Condition {Senior Citizen Or Service over 20 years to Company}.

Pass Through: Condition: Traffic Light {Green, Yellow, Blinking Yellow, Not Red}.


1. Evaluation of the Status of a Condition can be carried out anytime, and on many different occasions, each with a potentially different Result. The Result of an evaluation of a Condition is the “current Condition status” or more simply, “status.”

2. Evaluation of a Condition will determine if its Status is currently true or false.

3. There are several distinct kinds of Conditions:
• Reusable Conditions
Qualifier Conditions
• Pre-requisite Conditions

Reusable Conditions:
The Planguage Parameter “Condition” is used to define Conditional terms. The “true or false” Status of such a term can be determined when required. This Parameter statement can be used to define:
• reusable Conditions (Conditions that many other statements can make use of).
• Conditions which are Complex, and get simplified by having a single tag to express them.

Senior: Condition {Senior Citizen Or Service over 20 years to Company}.

Pass Through: Condition: Traffic Light {Green, Yellow, Blinking Yellow, Not Red}.

Qualifier Conditions:
One or more Qualifier Conditions can be used to specify a statement Qualifier (for example, “[End of March, USA, If Peace]”). A statement Qualifier must be completely true for the qualified statement to be valid.

Level X: Goal [A, B, C]: 33%.
Note: Level X is only a valid Goal when all three qualifiers {A & B & C} are true/valid.

Another example, a Goal Level specification is only valid when all the Conditions in its Qualifier are true. The Qualifier in the Goal statement below has three Conditions.

Goal [Year = Release + 1 Year, Market = Europe, Not War]: 66%.

A Qualifier Condition may consist of an explicit tag name with an appropriate variable declared (for example, “Market = Europe”. “Market” is the tag name and “Europe” is the variable).

If there is no ambiguity, the tag name may be implied and simply the variable is stated.

A qualifying Condition may, or may not, be satisfying a Scale-Qualifier.


Learning Time:
Scale: Time in minutes for a defined [Role] to <learn> a defined [Task].
Goal [Task = Login, Role = Operator, Country = Spain]: 2 minutes.

“[Task = Login, Role = Operator]” is a statement Qualifier.

''Both “Task” and “Role” are Qualifier Conditions. They are also both Scale-Qualifiers. Task is assigned a variable of “Login”, and “Role” a variable of “Operator”.
Country = Spain” is an additional Qualifier Condition, which has been added. It is not a Scale-Qualifier.

If the Task under consideration is “Login”, the Role is “Operator” and the Country is Spain, then the target Goal for consideration must be 2 minutes.
In other words, the evaluation of the statement Qualifier as “true” Depends-On all its qualifying Conditions being “true”. Each Qualifier Condition is only true if its variable matches the specific instance being considered (Task IS “Login”, Role IS “Operator” and Country IS “Spain”).

Each Qualifier Condition might have a set of valid variable settings. For example, Country: {Spain, USA, Germany}.''

Pre-requisite Conditions:
A set of Conditions, can be used as a prerequisite for a System Component, such as entry to a defined Process, or Exit from a defined Process, or use of a Product. Any such Conditions should be explicitly listed as pre-requisites or qualifications.


X1: Senior. “See definition in above example”
X2: Level X. “Not only A & B & C, but also 33% Goal reached”


Process: Evening Closedown [Application: Default: ABC].

“The square brackets, “[ ]”, specify a Qualifier Condition. It asks the question: Which application is this Generic Process being applied to?”

Gist: Application Process for evening closedown for the night.

E1: All users have logged off. “A Condition. Are all users logged off: true or false?”

E2: After 8pm. “Another Condition. Is time After 8pm: true or false?”

… “If all Entry-Conditions are met (that is, are “true”), then it is “valid” to carry out the Process.”



Notes:”[?]” alone is a Keyed-Icon meaning Condition and its synonyms. The “?” is an icon for a Condition or set of Conditions whose Status needs to be determined as true or not.

The Qualifier square brackets alone “[ ]” serve as a Keyed-Icon for containing Conditions, in the Context of typical Planguage statements.






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