A Clarity-Review is a specification review which is primarily used to make sure the specification is clear enough to be interpreted correctly by the intended spec readership, as intended by the spec writers.

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *607
English Master: Clarity-Review
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms:Specification-Intelligibility-Review *607


In particular, a Clarity-Review is not initially concerned with the
Engineering goodness of the spec. This is left to later
Specification-Content-Reviews. Clarity-Reviews are trying to establish
that a specification can be trusted because it is clear, unambiguous,
correct, and Complete. If so, the Basis is laid for deciding if it is
good Engineering, good Architecture and “good for business” – with
other analytical Processes, which include Specification-Content-Reviews,
experiments, prototypes, Elementary-Step Delivery, competitive bidding
and any other Processes which determine how powerful an Idea is.

A Clarity-Review can be carried out using the Generic
Specification-Quality-Control Process (SQC). The Rules we Check against
will tune into these Issues. But a Clarity-Review can be
less formal – something like a friend Checking quickly and declaring
it to be fine for them.


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