A Basis is an underlying Idea that is a foundation for a specification.

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A “Basis” Parameter is used to specify a foundation Idea, so that it is stated explicitly, and can be understood and checked. Hopefully, if necessary, a Basis specification will be challenged and corrected. It is a tool for Risk analysis.




Parameter, Risk-Analysis



Tolerable [A1]: 60%, [Not A1]: 50%? <- Guess as to consequence.
A1: Assumption: Drugs Law [Last Year] is still in force and unchanged with
respect to this plan.
Basis: Drugs Law “Conditions for Approval for Human Trials”<- Pharmaceutical Law [Last Year].

Rationale: Our Corporate Policy about following laws, strictly and honestly
<- Corporate Ethics Policy.
Condition: Applies only to <adult, voluntary, healthy, field-trial people>.

“A1” is a defined Assumption that can be reused in this or other contexts.


1. Basis statements are used to declare a set of Conditions, which we assume will be true. We want to make it quite clear that the related statements are entirely contingent upon the Conditions being true.

A Basis statement is, or will be, for the appropriate Qualifier time, place and other Conditions, fundamental and stable. We state a Basis in Case it is untrue, or is a misunderstanding, or needs improvement in specification: the intended readership needs to Check whether they agree that a Basis statement applies. In addition, we state a Basis to ensure that the Conditions are checked later, at the relevant time.

2. Basis is different from Assumption. An Assumption is a set of statements, which we expect be true in the Planning horizon (for example, the dates indicated in Goal and Tolerable Parameters), but we cannot be sure; they can well change. The related specification may need updating if they do.

3. Basis is quite different from Rationale. A Rationale is a set of statements, which lead to a desire to make a specific specification. It explains how we got to that particular specification. Basis is a set of statements, which are the foundation on which a specification is made. If the Result of evaluation of any of the relevant Basis statements changes, then the specification may no longer be valid.








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