is an optional term within the definition of a Quantification-Scale.

It defines Generic Conditions (such as “Task” or “Stakeholder”) that need to be specifically defined in other statements - that reference the Scale specification, such as Past or Goal.

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *381
English Master: Scale-Qualifier
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Scale-Parameter, Quantification-Scale, Specification-Parameter


For a given Scale, any useful number of Scale-Qualifiers can be defined.

Scale: Time to learn a defined [Task]. “Task is a Scale-Qualifier.”

Scale-Qualifiers are Generic; each Scale-Qualifier needs to be explicitly assigned a corresponding “Scale-Qualifier-Definition (unless a Default is being used) when the Scale is used in other Parameter statements (such as any Benchmarks or targets).

Goal [Task = Setup]: 10 minutes. “Setup is a Scale-Qualifier-Definition defining the Scale-Qualifier Task that was defined in the previous example”

The purpose of Scale-Qualifiers is to allow a Scale specification to be more generalized and flexible; this consequently makes a Scale specification more reusable.


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