For a Scalar Requirement, a Scale-Impact is an absolute numeric value on the Quantification-Scale. It can be an estimated value, or actually achieved, measured value. It is the Level estimated or achieved if a specified Design-Idea (or set of Design-Ideas or Evo-Step) is implemented.

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *403
English Master: Scale Impact
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Absolute Impact


In an Value-Decision-Table, customarily used together with Percentage-Impact, as alternative views of the Impact-Estimate. We use Scale-Impact when we just want to know the real final Result, which includes the effects of implementing all previous designs. We use Percentage-Impact when we want to understand the effect in relation to moving from the Baseline towards the Goal. In other words, Scale-Impact is an absolute numeric value, while Percentage-Impact is a relative value dependent on the Scale-Impact, and the Baseline-To-Target-Pair.

Note: Care has to be taken, as the Impact of a Design-Idea varies, depending on the System technology it is added to and used in. In other words, the Impact of a Design-Idea is not a constant, irrespective of the circumstances it is implemented in. There can be dependencies and interactions. Altering the order of implementing Design-Ideas could affect the immediate Level of Impact of any Specific-Design-Idea. However, given that the choice is usually just “what shall we implement next on a specific System?” it is not necessary to assess the Impacts of all the valid Design-Idea combinations.


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Scalar Design Metric

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