A Experience-Rating is the assignment of a number on a defined experience Scale that ranges from 0.0 for no experience for an Impact-Estimate, to 1.0 for perfect experience of an Impact-Estimate.

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *272
English Master: Experience-Rating
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Credibility-Rating


Experience-Rating Meaning

0.0 wild guess, no experience
0.1 we know it has been done somewhere
0.2 we have one Measurement somewhere
0.3 there are several measurements in the estimated range
0.4 the several measurements are relevant to our Case
0.5 the method of several relevant measurements is considered reliable
0.6 we have used the method/design/idea/strategy in-house
0.7 we have reliable measurements for the Design-Idea in-house
0.8 reliable in-house measurements correlate to independent external measurements
0.9 we have used the Idea on this project and measured it (Evo-Step, pilot and field trial)
1.0 perfect experience, we have rock solid, contract-guaranteed, long-term and credible experience with this Idea on this project and, the results are unlikely to disappoint us.




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