A project management Process delivering ‘high-value-first’ progress towards the currently defined and approved Requirements, and then seeking to obtain, and use, realistic, early feedback.

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *355
English Master: Evolutionary-Project-Management
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Evo *355 Evo-Management *355 Evolutionary Delivery Management *355 Value-Management, Value-Project-Management. Value-Delivery.

None of the following words are perfect synonyms, but since each Author and company has a long list of extremely similar features that make up these Processes, they are close enough.
Rapid Delivery Management (Acronym: RDM), Result Delivery (These synonyms are used within Jet Propulsion Labs. [SPUCK93]
Synch-and-stabilize or Milestone Approach (These synonyms are used within Microsoft [CUSUMANO95].


Key components include:
• frequent delivery of System changes (Evo-Steps)
Evo-Steps delivered to Stakeholders for real use
• feedback obtained from Stakeholders to determine next Evo-Step(s)
• the existing System is used as the initial System base
• small steps (ideally between 2%-5% of total project financial Cost and time)
• steps with highest value and benefit-to-cost ratios given highest Priority for delivery
• feedback used ‘immediately’ to modify future plans and Requirements and, also to decide on the next step
• total Systems approach (‘anything that helps’)
• results-orientation (‘delivering the results’ is prime concern)


Figure *355: Conceptual view of Evo [HUMMEL02]. Notice that the design changes over time: it does not just get ‘incremented’. Of course, it is not a Requirement that the design has to fundamentally change at each step! Compare with Figure *318 in Incremental-Development *318.



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