see synonym Tolerable-Range.

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *545
English Master: Tolerable-Range
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Tolerable-Range *545



1. Partial payment can be an agreed consequence of being in this range.
2. An Acceptable-Range is a Scalar-Range which is neither a Success-Range, a Failure-Range, or a Catastrophe-Range.
3. It extends from just below a Goal-Level and until any Constraint-Level, like Fail, is reached, if any is defined.
4. It can also be viewed as extending from below the Goal-Level to and including the Tolerable-Level.
5. There can be more than one acceptable range for each unique set of Qualifier-Conditions.

Keyed Icons


•••• is a Catastrophe-Range.
[ is a lower Survival-Level.
!!!!! is a Failure-Range.
==== is an Acceptable-Range.
>is a Goal-Level.
_____ is a success range.

Drawn Icons


Range *55
Failure-Range *546 not an Acceptable-Range
Catastrophe-Range *603 not an Acceptable-Range
Success-Range *548 better than just Acceptable-Range
Acceptable-Level *613 any numeric Level in the Acceptable-Range.

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