Values are human culture guidelines that help individuals or groups make choices. They are the principles, Standards and paradigms that we consider when choosing alternatives.

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English Master: Values
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Values include ethics, religious, professional and legal notions that we choose to let us be guided in decision making.

“What are values? Values are principles used for evaluation. We use them to evaluate the actual or potential consequences of Action and inaction, of proposed alternatives, and of decisions. They range from ethical principles that must be upheld, to guidelines for preferences among choices.
We can identify our values by hard thinking. We make them explicit through statements expressing value judgments. To render value judgments useful in decision making, we must be precise about their meaning. We can articulate this meaning qualitatively by stating objectives and, if desirable, we can embellish it with quantitative value judgments.”
Ralph Keeney in “Value-Focused Thinking” [KEENEY92, pages 6 and 7]





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