The Tolerable-Range is the Range along the Quantification-Scales stretching between the Tolerable-Limit and the Goal-Level. When the Status-Level is in the Tolerable-Range it is believed that the Stakeholders will tolerate the value, but success is not achieved (Success-Range), nor is it Intolerable (Intolerable-Range).

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *545
English Master: Tolerable-Range
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Acceptable-Range *545


Within the Tolerable-Range, the degree of 'pain' varies from greatly, close to the Tolerable-Limit, and alomost no 'pain' close to the Goal Level.


Illustration: The black circle represents the system, with its Functions, and the black arrow represents the Quantification-Scale of one of many Product-Values. The two points on the Quantification-Scale, Tolerable-Limit and Goal-Level, marks the dividing line between where the Product-Value is Intolerable, to where it is Tolerable, and from where it is Tolerable to where it is Successful.



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