alternative1. how well the Stakeholder does what they do.
alternative2. how well the Stakeholder does its Stakeholder-Functions.
alternative3. how well the Stakeholder-Functions perform.

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *XXX
English Master: Stakeholder-Value
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Business-Value, Value


Each alternative is really the same, but 2 & 3 are more precise.

Stakeholder-Values describe how well the Stakeholders does what they do as they core business.
Stakeholder-Values exist without the products we are building and using.
Stakeholder-Values should practically never be explaining how well a Product works.

Stakeholder-Values are the Scalar improvements a Stakeholder need or desire.
Product-Values are the Scalar Attributes of a Product.

A Stakeholder would normally have their Stakeholder-Values, irrespective of the Product you are developing. It relates to how well they do, or their business do.
Your Product, with its Product-Values (e.g. Usability), can become the Solutions to satisfy a Stakeholder-Value.

If you Add the Requirement Concept to a Stakeholder-Value, though setting a Goal or a Tolerable Level, we describe how well the Stakeholder wants to do their Function.


Illustration: a Stakeholder with arrows representing how well (Stakeholder-Value) the Stakeholder does her Function (Job, Hobby, Life). She may or may not use a Product to help her do what she does so well.


Scalar Requirement Type

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