alternative 1:

anything Stakeholders require.
Note: require is a synonym with words like need, wish, demand, want, necessity, essential, necessary, prerequisite, requisite, precondition, condition, stipulation.

alternative 2:

stakeholder-valued system state, under stated conditions.

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *026
English Master: Requirement
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: none


To capture the whole Concept of Requirements, I find it necessary to start with this broad definition. It is based on the Idea that if a Stakeholder has a Requirement, it is a Requirement, if no Stakeholder has a Requirement, there is no Requirement.

The Concept is based on someone or something (a Stakeholder) requiring, it is the requiring that makes it a Requirement, not what they are requiring.

We can categorize the Requirement:
into types, e.g. Function, Scalar, Solutions, Development-Resources.
and levels, e.g. Stakeholder, Product, Sub-product.

A Requirement normally has these life cycle stages.

  1. Stakeholder-Need (pre Requirement): a Stakeholder has a Need that the Stakeholder may or may not know about.
  2. Stakeholder-Wish (pre Requirement): a Stakeholder expresses an improvement or an improvement is identified, but either no money is offered or no agreement is made to deliver that Level for that price.
  3. Stakeholder-Tolerable/Goal Agreed (a Requirement): the Stakeholder Requiring and the team Delivering have agreed to Tolerable/Goal values to be delivered and for how much.
  4. Past: Delivered or failed. An historical Requirement.

Do we need to comply with all expressed Requirements?
For an expressed Requirement to be a Requirement that our project is interested in fulfilling, I consider:
1. Who/what it came from.
The people/products with an interest in our project I call Stakeholders. Does the Requirement come from a Stakeholder that we must or want to listen to?
2. Will it be profitable to fulfill the Requirement?
Is the Stakeholder requiring the Requirement willing to pay for it?
3. Is it a market we and our company want to be in?
Fulfilling a Requirement puts you in the market of people wanting that Requirement.


Requirement tree
Illustration: Requirement Concepts Tree



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