A Qualifier is a defined set of Conditions, embedded in, or referenced by, a specification.

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Concept Number: *124
English Master: Qualifier
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All of its” Conditions must be “true”, for that specification to apply.


Goal [Germany, Teachers]: 65%.

Where “Germany” and “Teachers” are each Qualifier Conditions (defined elsewhere). The set of Qualifier Conditions, and the square brackets, form the Qualifier.

A Qualifier defines any interesting set of specific time, location, and event Conditions (also known as Qualifier Conditions). These are sometimes classified as “when”, “where”, and “if” Conditions.

Square brackets around the Qualifier Conditions are used to denote a Qualifier.

An alternative is to use the Qualifier Parameter (which also happens to use square brackets!). For example: Qualifier Tag: Qualifier [Condition1, Condition2]. This is useful when you want to define and reuse a set of qualifiers, especially a Complex and lengthy set. For example: Goal [Qualifier Tag] 60%.




Condition, Parameter.

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