Productivity is delivering promised value to Stakeholders.

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“Deliver” Means actually measurable handed over and available to Stakeholders.

“Promised” Means that clear written agreements, are made in contacts, Requirements, Documents and slides, or clear undeniable expectations are set.

“Value” Means something of perceived use, to the Stakeholder; they need it, they want it, they are willing to sacrifice Resources to get it, they will be unhappy if it is late or lower in power than their expectations.

“Benefits” are the results of the perceived value to Stakeholders. Benefits are what really happens, though time, as a Result of the Engineering value delivered.
It is an open question whether Systems-Engineering should attempt to take some Planning responsibility for enhancing benefits realization, or whether this is the System recipient Stakeholders that should be responsible for Planning an environment to maximize benefits. Someone has to take this responsibility, and I fear that the System users with their “day jobs”, do not feel they are responsible or capable. In which Case an opportunity for Systems-Engineers, to enlarge their conventional Scope of Planning, exists.

So, we can simplify and say “engineering productivity” is the ability to deliver agreed Requirements.

<- Gilb Paper, Engineering Productivity: Some ways to Measure it and manage it. 2008 Unpublished.
See www.Gilb.com





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