Planned-Level (Parameter)


Identical option to Goal (Parameter) *109. Goal is preferred use.

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *109
English Master: Planned-Level (Parameter)
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Goal


Abbreviation Plan.
Note we also want to avoid using Plan as an Abbreviation for Planned-Level because of the word identity with Concepts *108 (a plan in general), *169 (Plan-Do-Study-Act)

Plan Level as a Parameter has been in use in Planguage for decades. In 2002 we decided to replace it with the more-specific term Goal. This is due to the accumulation of many related Scalar Level Concepts. Plan once stood alone as the general future Level. But now we need to make a clearer distinction when using the specialized Levels like Wish, Stretch, Fail, Survival, Maximum, Minimum etc. In the long term I would like to retire Plan entirely as a synonym to Goal. But for the present we can let it live on for those who prefer it. <-Tom Gilb in collaboration with Kai Gilb.


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