The devices by which Ends are reached

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Concept Number: *047
English Master: Means
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms:
Design-Idea (*047), see “Idea” (*086).
Design (noun) (*047) A design is a “specified, consciously selected, means” to reach defined “ends”.
Solution (*047)
Strategy. (*047)
Process-Improvement-Suggestion (*088)
Architecture (noun) (*192). The highest Level of design.
Means-Objectives (*215): Objectives , which if attained, serve to help us reach Strategic-Objectives.


Rationale: very general and short word which captures the notion in a general way, without necessitating a more-detailed term (like Architecture or design). Well understood word by most people.




Stakeholder value, Goal specification Concept

Domain: problem solving. Including Engineering, Architecture, strategic Planning.

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