An ‘Ideal’ specification represents a hypothetical, and perhaps only theoretical, best, Level for Stakeholders, irrespective of considerations, such as Cost, available technology, or culture.

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An Ideal Parameter specifies an Ideal Level, on a defined Scale, under specified Conditions for a Scalar Attribute.

An Ideal Level is never a committed target Level. It is a Benchmark Level. We might want to move towards it, hold it out as motivation, but we do not expect to reach it in practice. It could conceivably be reached in the real world. In which Case we may have to reset our ‘ideal’ notion towards a new Level of ‘ideal. In this sense Ideal differs from ‘perfection’, which by definition cannot be improved.

Ideal is is arguably classifiable as both target and Benchmark, depending on how it is applied in practice. If it is used to compare current Goal and Stretch Levels with the Ideal – then it is used as a Benchmark. If it is seriously pursued in the long term, and possibly reached, even for limited cases, then it is a target Class of Requirement.




Parameter [Scalar], Benchmark, sometimes Target Level.

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