is the Parameter that defines a quantified committed or promised target along the defined Scale quantifier. It defines the point on the Scale that divides the Tolerable-Area and the Success Area. The Goal-Level defines the point on the Quantification-Scale where success is reached (for the Scalar-Attribute it is attached to).

Alternative Names

Concept Number: *109
English Master: Goal
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Goal-Level


A Goal Level is a Parameter used to specify a Target for a Scalar-Attribute.
A Goal Level is specified on a defined Quantification-Scale with its relevant qualifying Conditions [time, place, event].

An implication of a Goal specification is that there is, or will be, a commitment to deliver the Goal Level (something not true of a Stretch or Wish-Target specification).

Any commitment is based on a trade-off Process, against other targets, and considering any Constraints. The specified Goal Level may need to go through a series of changes, as circumstances alter and are taken into consideration.

A specified Goal Level will reasonably satisfy Stakeholders. Going beyond the Goal, at the Cost of additional Resources, is not considered necessary or profitable – even though it may have some value to do so.




Parameter [Scalar], Target.

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