A Design-Specification is the written specification of a Design-Idea.

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English Master: Design-Specification
Synonyms, Variations & Acronyms: Technical Design: Informal use “The Design”: Informal use


A set of Design-Specifications is the main output of a Design-Engineering Process.

A specific set of Design-Specifications, when implemented, will, to some degree, meet the stated Requirements.


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Parameter, Specification


Engineer Motivation:

Gist: Motivate, using free time off.

Type: Design-Idea.

Impacts [Objectives]: {Engineering Productivity, Engineering Costs}.
Impacts [Costs]: {Staff Costs, Available Engineering Hours}.
Definition: Offer all Engineers up to 20% of their Normal Working Hours per year as discretionary time off
to invest in Health, Family and Knowledge (Studies, Write Papers, Go to Conferences).

Source: Productivity Committee Report 1.4.3.

Implementor: Human Resources Director.


1. A set of Design-Specifications attempts to solve a Design-Problem. Identification and Documentation
of the individual Design-Ideas, and their potential contribution towards meeting the Requirements, helps
selection of the “best” Design-Ideas for implementation.

2. The Design-Engineering Process uses the Requirement-Specification as input. The Design-Engineering Process-Output
is a set of design (Solution) specifications (of Design-Ideas). These Design-Specifications might also contain information
about their expected Attributes for meeting Requirements. This “expected attributes” information of a Design-Specification
might be in the form of an Value-Decision-Table or, it can be as simple as an Assertion of Impacts on Requirements, referenced
by their tags (see example below).


This icon can be interpreted as a specification, “[]” which Impacts, “->“ target, “@”.



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Design-Idea *047
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Architecture-Specification *617
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